Basic Janitorial Service Package:

  • Lobby/Offices - dust and damp wipe, general floor maintenance and trash removal.

  • Bathrooms - toilets, sinks, countertops, shelving and/or cabinets, floors, and trash removal.

  • Break Rooms - sinks (including dishes), countertops, tables, islands or free-standing furniture, wipe down refrigerators, microwaves and other misc. appliances, floors, and trash removal. We only empty and clean refrigerators upon request.

Pricing based off square footage and frequency.  

VIP Service:

  • ACS will stock your general supplies: paper towels, toilet paper, cups, coffee, sugars/creamers, soap, etc.

Prices vary according to specifications. 

Touch Up Service:

  • ACS will come by in between scheduled visits and do a touch up - sweeping/light mopping, toilets, and a light dusting.

Pricing based off square footage and frequency.  

Event Service:

  • ACS will come in before and/or after an event at your facility and make sure it's tip top clean. 

Pricing will vary.

Outside Service:

  • ACS will sweep sidewalks/walkways and pick up trash around front of building.

Pricing based off size and area. 

Special Request:

If your company has a special need, we'll review it and do our best to accommodate you.